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Alarming Facts on Job State Anxiety and Stress

The most common form of mental disorder is anxiety. It stops a person from accomplishing goals. A simple worrying from everyday preparations and lack of concentration are some of the signs of anxiety that could lead to a disorder. There is more to it that affect individuals all over.

1) Laziness or anxiety

There are cases when a person suffers very high level of anxiety that they cannot even look for jobs. It can mean that they are not motivated enough or sometimes they are not affected by what others say to encourage them. This might not pertain to laziness. The cause could be anxiety.

2) Combat job anxiety with goals

Lack of goals means having no concrete plan on what needs to be achieved at a certain period. Create a plan and take little steps at a time. The goals do not have to be profound. Make it doable and easy. You could start from simply circling a job or two in the classified ads that you might be interested in. The next step may be calling the chosen job and ask information about it.

3) Call a friend

You may find someone to accompany you and just go door to door in the town’s commercial part and ask for job application forms. When you get home, find a comfortable place to fill it out. In addition, you can ask a friend to help you make practice interviews.

4) Jobs as reason for anxiety and stress

There was a survey released that says job is the number one culprit of anxiety and stress. About 80% of those surveyed says that the technology of working wireless is good, but on the other hand, they feel that they are connected to their jobs twenty-four seven causing them much more stress. They feel tied up with their jobs because of computers and cell phones.

5) Conflicts at work

Most of the workers choose to go on with their jobs knowing their health problems. Another survey conducted had about 40 percent respondents say losing pay and hardships stops them from taking enough time off work to recover from their health problems. Most of the time these physical health problems are caused by mental health problems starting from anxiety, stress and depression.

6) Separate work from individual lives

Many employees spend more time at work than with their families. This makes them loose bond and communication with them. The families which they can depend on especially during the most difficult time in their lives. Another reason for this is that the workers are not able to set apart work from their personal lives.

7) Unusual working hours

In some countries, companies require longer working hours. Instead of the usual eight-hour job, they spend around ten to twelve hours in the office. Definitely, when they get home they are already tired and exhausted. All that they would want to do is rest and therefore lack quality time with families.

8) So little time, so much to do.

An employee might have too much workload and responsibility that they loose focus. 

Sometimes it stresses a person if they cannot meet deadlines and demand. They may even be working hard for the money and not because a person wants to. They no longer enjoy their jobs.

Knowing the fact that anxiety and stress can lead to serious mental and physical problems, save your self. Join outreach programs, seek professional consultation or take supplements to help you cope up and fight anxiety and stress before it gets even worst. 

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